Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Hello guys,

    Thank you for your interest about my guide! My name is Cloe and I will teach you the essentials of the affiliate marketing and how to start making money online. I began my journey in the online business in 2004 and since then I made a solid bank from my work as an affiliate marketer. Before we start, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want to make money aside of your regular job?
  • Do you hang out in Internet often?
  • Are you active in forums, websites and social networks?
  • Do you want your time spending in Internet to bring you
  • Do you want to make a bank until you sleep?
  • ave you tried to increase your income by starting additional job?
    If the answer of the above questions is "YES", well, then you are at the right place!

    How many articles dedicated on making money online are out there? Thousands? Millions? Who knows, but one thing is for sure - the amount is vast. Is it enough? Probably. There is one problem though...

    Most of them will "teach" you just common things and after that will ask you to sign up for a seminar, webinar, training session or paid course, which will promise to make you an Internet Millionaire overnight. What is left, in most cases, is the bad feeling that you have been cheated and haven't got the right training that you were looking for - about how to make money from Internet.

    In this article I decided to present you one different, but very popular approach, which is successfully applied by thousands of people like you. I will be totally honest - making money online is not an easy job. It takes some investment of time, money, patience and at least minimal efforts. I wont give you a false promises like: "I'll teach you how to become a millionaire overnight!". If you search for this kind of opportunity you should stop reading this article right now and go buy a lottery ticket. Most of the REAL ways of making money online require dedication and often that process will lead you to desperation and desire to quit before you can see the positive results of your work. One thing I can assure you - it is possible to make a lot of money online and I will give you the basics of the process. Oh! Almost forgot. It is not necessary to have your own website to start, but it is recommended. If you are not familiar with setting up your own website, do not worry, the process is not complicated. Spend a few hours on Google getting familiar how to create a simple one to start until you advance and build more complex stuff. If you still are into this lets begin!